I'm mad at you because I love you


"Bonnie and Damon are pretty profoundly connected. And I think that there’s a very very fine line between love and hate, we all know that. These two have been through an exorbitant amount of experiences together… Mostly really dark, a little crazy… But I think what it’s going to do is lend itself to create some very cool stories.” [x]



Season 6 | Finding their way back to each other
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Damon and Elena in a zombie apocalypse


All men must die, Jon Snow.


Breaking promises. 3x22 // 5x22


Please don’t leave me.

tvd season finales

"The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them"


you guys we didn’t just lose damon and bonnie, we also lost the grill and the camaro

this makes me more upset than it should

r.i.p. mystic grill

r.i.p. damon’s camaro



i’m a p h o e n i x in the water